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Companion or Pet Puppies

As breeders of Top Quality show dogs, our puppies are in demand by Exhibitors and Breeders all over the world. While the breeding/showing aspect of our dogs is very important, it is also important that each and every puppy or adult we produce has the very best home possible. Our goal is always to produce healthy happy Poms, no matter what their futures may be. Each puppy is raised as if he or she is going to be a future Star. Occasionally we may have a puppy that falls short of our requirements for a show dog. This does not mean there is anything wrong with him. Just as you or I could not compete in the Miss America Pageant does not mean that no one will think we are pretty. It is much the same with Show Dogs. We are looking to produce dogs with outstanding conformation and keep only those who are meet our strict criteria, but we want outstanding homes for the others as well. Please note that our companion puppies are only available to homes in Canada, we do not export pet puppies overseas. Also we no longer export pet puppies to the United States as the requirements requre that the puppies entering the country must be at least 4 mths old. Our puppies are sold from our waiting list at 3 mths old. Keepiong them an extra month would deprive them of vital socialization time with their new family.We will only respond to pet puppy requests from Canada.

At 12 weeks we do an evaluation of all our puppies to determine who will stay and be trained as a future show dog and who will not. A puppy may only have a crooked tooth, their eyes may be a little too round, very minor flaws that the average person would not notice. Our puppies, show and pets, They are all from the same parents as the show dogs. We do not just breed pets but breed the highest quality Pomeranians. The faults are insignificant and probably not noticeable to the average person. A healthy happy Pom is always our goal.

Our puppies are sold to our Waiting List of customers who have previously placed deposits with us. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and are sold on a Non-Breeding agreement. They are fully vaccinated and have a written Health Guarantee.

Because we do not have many Companion Puppies, we take only 3 names for males and 3 for female puppies. We are usually able to provide you with a puppy within 3-6 months of receiving your deposit. The wait is longer for girls because so many go for breeding even if they are not show quality.

The Waiting List is on a first come first serve basis. Without a deposit, we canít do too much as we constantly get emails from people looking for puppies. We also cannot contact you, when we have something if you do not have a deposit with us.

We do not like to fly 12 week old puppies very far. If you are not close enough to come and meet us and bring your puppy home with you, we may be able to fly your puppy but there must be a direct, heated flight otherwise we can not consider selling you a puppy.

We also have a Prospective Puppy Questionnaire we would like you to fill out to tell us a little about yourself and the home the puppy would potentially be living in.

If you are interested in a Companion Puppy from us, please email us for a Prospective Questionnaire and we can let you know how many are waiting ahead of you and if we can take your deposit on an upcoming litter.

We are now taking names and deposits for companion (pet) puppies for 2018. Please contact us regarding availability. Companian puppies are $2000.00 including HST. Puppy deposit cheques should be made out to John or Christine Heartz



We are accepting deposists for puppies ready to go in the fall of 2018. Please email us at <info@chriscendo.com> for further information.









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